Ravenswood Rare Dachshunds


Ravenswood---the South's premier breeder of Champion lined, exceptionally beautiful, genetically sound and highest quality Miniature Dachshunds for 29 years. We specialize in rare, exotic colors however we do occasionally offer the classic black/tan and mahogany red. We offer the three coat varieties---smoothcoat (short hair), longhair, and the exotic wire hair.


Each parent is thoroughly health tested to ensure genetically sound puppies. All of our Mini Dachshunds are health tested clear of any defects of heart, thyroid, kidneys, patellas, PRA---along with OFA Certifications and no IVDD. This guarantees you are purchasing a happy, healthy Mini Dachshund. Most breeders do not offer this.


At Ravenswood we strive for two things. Quality Miniature Dachshunds and Satisfied Customers. When you succeed at the first, the second will follow. Our Mini Dachshunds have found loving homes in 48 states. Ravenswood customers include Veterinarians, USDA inspectors, AKC kennel inspectors, celebrity clientele and our list goes on

Ravenswood is the home of the RARE PLATINUM, RARE SILVER, RARE LILAC and many other exotic colors. Dapples are our specialty.

The Best Way to Contact Us is to CALL 615-727-3478

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