Available Puppies 


Ravenswood puppies have received all age-appropriate vaccinations and have been dewormed every two weeks as preventative. Parents are health tested and certified.  New owners receive a puppy care package that includes puppy food, toys, treats, a blanket with the mother's scent and a folder containing vet wellness exams/vaccination records and registration.


Ravenswood puppies are offered as PET ONLY! We do not offer our Mini Dachshunds for breeding purposes. No exceptions.

The Best Way to Contact Us is to CALL 615-727-3478


S'MORES, chocolate dapple longhair girl.

DEACON, Blue and Tan smoothcoat boy.

HOT COCOA, chocolate and tan smoothcoat girl.

EVE, black and tan dapple longhair girl.

LIAM, Isabella and Cream smoothcoat boy...beautiful eyes.

BEAU, exotic silver dapple piebald smoothcoat boy...beautiful eyes.

SKOR, dark chocolate smoothcoat boy.

BRADY, black and tan smoothcoat boy

WILSON, chocolate and tan smoothcoat boy

TITAN BLUE, rare blue and tan smoothcoat boy

EMBER, Whiskey Dapple smoothcoat girl......green eyes.

ARCHER,  silver isabella dapple smoothcoat boy.

CHRISTOPHER, RARE CREAM DAPPLE longhair boy...green eyes.

CARTIER, RARE PLATINUM (cream with blue dusting) smoothcoat boy.

BENTLEY, rare silver smoothcoat boy....blue eyes

AUTUMN, show quality red smoothcoat girl....excellent structure

CUPID, Cherry Dapple smoothcoat boy.....BLUE EYES.

PANDORA, rare silver LILAC smoothcoat girl

DUDLEY, exotic chocolate dapple piebald smoothcoat boy.

STARBUCKS, exotic chocolate dapple smoothcoat boy.....
beautifully marked.....amazing eyes

GRAND, He's a masterpiece! Rare LILAC DAPPLE smoothcoat boy......captivating eyes.